Piep & Plof

Piep and Plof

Piep en Plof
This are Piep (silver) and Plof (gold), two Wyandotte bantam chickens. Wednesday the 30th of April 2014, they crawled out of their eggs and when they were three days old, they moved to Almere. The once so fluffy chicks turned into fat chickens within a year. They share their outdoor run with the rabbits, but also regularly scurry through the garden and courtyard. If the owners aren’t at home, the neighbors come pick them up and they can play in their garden. They are quite spoiled and behave vain regularly :-) All in all the cuties add a lot of fun. Since January 2015 they lay delicious eggs.

Merel en mees

Merel and Mees

Mees en Merel
These are Mees and Merel, two Rex dwarf rabbits. They were born on March 22 and moved after 8 weeks to Almere. After a few months of having lived in, they moved to the garden in the summer of 2014 to live with the chickens. When the chickens are fed in the morning, they see it as easy breakfast… and if there is a bit of sun, they will immediately start sunbathing. Also, if there are strong winds, then they would rather sit in the henhouse than their own loft.